We create portraits that reflect both the spirit and the beauty of a person.
Jim & Nola Stucky

In addition to their award winning studio portraiture, Jim and Nola are recognized for their on location and outdoor portraits of families, couples, children and seniors. Many are taken at their studio in a three acre setting along Sand Creek with numerous spots that have been chosen for their atmosphere and quality of light. They take a naturalist approach with mature trees, tall grass, an old shack, etc. Often the creek itself becomes the backdrop for casual expressive portraits.

Jim & Nola may also be seen almost anywhere in several counties, taking portraits of groups and individuals in their own favorite places. In Jim's eyes almost any background can be used to enhance a portrait, especially if it shows something about the subjects' interests. Old buildings, alleys, stairways, parks, and wheatfields are often chosen as settings for portraits. We also include vehicles, farm machinery, animals, and often the family's home in the background to add to the total effect.

One of the most exciting products they offer is the Gallery Series Portrait. These custom designed portraits include subjects such as Mother and Child, Romantic Interludes, Character Studies, Victorian Images, Family Traditions, and Sof-Touch. There are many ways to enhance portraits to take them beyond mere photographs; to create an image that will be a lasting impression of you and your loved ones.

1540 N. Main Newton, Kansas 67114 316/ 283-7818 jimandnola@jimstuckyphoto.com